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Quality matters !  At Spiritique, we create our own brands, our own  designs, our own products and we market them the way we want to.

We all have a long experience of the spirits business but above all we are passionate about spirits. We like what looks good in a back bar and what is excellent in a glass. Each of our products is conceived

as a unique consumer experience.


FR Our Brands, designed for refined pleasures

That's how we create different products. Art galleries, traveling, reading and
daydreaming inspire us more than marketing research. 

We do not deliver what the consumers want but what seduces them.
We provide the unexpected. 


At  Spiritique, nothing is standard, everything is unique. That  is  how we can offer one of a kind consumer experience with our products.


We stand for craft excellency, with a touch of elegance. We also invest a lot in design and packaging materials to create desirable, elegant and truly unique products.


The Cognac region is world-renowned

for the prestige of its eponymous spirit.

Based on this unique savoir-faire,

we cultivate excellence in product creation,

distillation, ageing  and blending.

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