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The cult of grain

H1 Amaethon single malt whisky from the fiels of France


The Gallic god of cereals and harvests Amaethon embodied the cult that our ancestors dedicated to their agriculture, particularly to barley. Thus was born a multi-millennial know-how which still persists today and is expressed in our whiskies as in the breads of our bakeries: the French art of the grain. Amaethon is a double-distilled single malt, made and aged in the Cognac region. The maturation in cask is discreet, like a jewel case, to let the natural and wonderful flavors of the French barley shine. Amaethon thus occupies a very special place in the whisky offer: as close as possible to the original ingredient, in all its subtleties and all its delicacy. 

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