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Yu Gin is one of those innovations that have brought gin back to the forefront, exploring new and daring aromatic combinations.


What makes Yu Gin truly unique, in addition to its fascinating design - all about purity and movement

- is its freshness, combined with a rare elegance. These are indeed the unique qualities of a citrus fruit that is cult in Japan (but also grown in France): Yuzu.


This small fruit - at first glance a little ungrateful, between lemon and clementine, full of seeds and with a thick skin - has unrivalled gustatory qualities, which make it the most beautiful ingredient of creation for chefs and bartenders. Nevertheless, Yu Gin goes far beyond just Yuzu, with a magical combination of juniper, yuzu, Sichuan pepper and licorice, a quartet as original as it is delicious, opening up the possibilities of tasty and original cocktails. 

Everyone loves Yu

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H1 All you need is Yu Gin 

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