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Amaethon is the whisky of the bread and grain country.

France has been growing and distilling barley since the Gauls, creating a real French whisky tradition. Following that tradition, Amaethon is made from unique quality barley cultivated in France and aged in gentle wood, giving it few tannins and exceptional grain and bread notes.


Amaethon Whisky

70 Centiliters

5 bouteilles achetées, la sixième offerte

  • Taste AMAETHON® and discover a french single malt whisky with warm and hearty aromas of bread. The ageing in soft wood (three years) brings few tannins.


    Tasting recommandations

    AMAETHON® is best served neat or on ice, as an appéritif as well as after a meal.



    Gold-yellow robe, deep gold glints. Beautiful clarity.



    Strong grain and flour nose, punctuated by nice woody notes. Malt and biscuits (bread, waffles) accents. Fresh floral notes with nuances of field honey (chamomile, daisy heart). Vegetal tones of lime tree and box tree followed by complex notes of quince jelly and banana compote. Dried fruits nuances and fresh and fruity expressions of watermelon and green plum. Light notes of gingerbread, candied ginger, cinnamon and saffron.



    Round, crisp and frank attack. Delicate woody notes developping into slightly iodized and spicy nuances. Then come hearty flavors, ending on persisting notes of dried fruits with a beautiful length.



    Beautifully balanced, aromatically rich and complex. Great palate structure.

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