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Thanks to French distillation savoir-faire, Bistro Vodka is made from the fine distillation of top quality French grain, offering a fine vodka, both simple and light.

Bistro Vodka embodies the easiness and authenticity of Parisian bistrots with the added satisfaction of a unique finesse.

Bistro Vodka

70 Centiliters

5 bouteilles achetées, la sixième offerte



    In 1814, Russians were in Paris. They were not allowed to drink in pubs. Despite that interdiction they were given "fine" (vodka) discretely and quickly. "Quick" being "bistro" in Russian, the Parisian Bistros were born.



    Crystal-clear and bright robe.



    Supple and elegant. Excellent wheat alcohol quality, bringing finesse and roundness. Floral with a lot of freshness.



    Supple attack, the alcohol does not burn. Longue finale without bitterness. A surprising finesse and a great softness bringing a lot of freshness in mouth.



    A very elegant and floral vodka, with finesse and freshnesse from a high quality wheat alcohol. Perfect for cocktails.

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